assembly of components

Compatibility of components

The components chosen to build up the frame need to fit according to the technical specifications.


Some (mainly older) chain guides with the required ISCG05 mount will not fit, when the mounting plate is too much extended to the back. Please send us a quick email if you consider buying a chain guide with a large mountain plate.

Cable Routing

The cable routing is fully external, which makes the assembly of the brake, seat post and derailleur very simple. Here is an overview of the advised routing:

With a different configuration on the handlebars, the position of the cables on the front of the downtube can be changed.

Make sure the cables are not twisted to avoid them rubbing the frame. The hose of the brake and the cable of the derailleur need a little s-bend above the BB as picture below. This is important for the movement of the rear suspension. We recommend to assemble the cables without the shock mounted, to be able to verify the free movement of the suspension.

Frame assembly

The frame is built up as below. Every single part is available, in case it is damaged or needs replacement. Most parts can be found in the shop, if you need any other part, please send us an email and we will sort you out.