Intend Bicycle Components

Freiburg was the second stop of our test-event-tour after launching the Madonna in 2017. I'd never been to Freiburg but heard many good things about the trails and the community. I'd also never met Cornelius before, Cornelius is the guy behind Intend Bicycles Components and lives in Freiburg. So we got in contact and decided to meet having a coffee. First of all, if you haven't been to Freiburg and it's within a few hours by car, go. The trails are wicked, the access routes very easy to pedal and the city is great. Cornelius and I ended up talking bikes for at least three hours, it was very interesting to share thoughts and to learn more about his products. Pretty much everything that's blue on the bike is made by Intend; forks, shock, seat post clamp, cranks and even though the brakes are from Trickstuff.. they're designed by Cornelius as he used to work for the Freiburg-based company. Cornelius does things different, takes a different approach and convinces with products that make a big difference to the competition. I haven't ridden Intend's new shock yet, but hope to change that soon! Definitely a good excuse to pay Freiburg and Cornelius a visit. 




Photos by Hoshi Yoshida