sept 2017

As we're driving down, the sun comes up and we're able to see the first peaks of the Dolomites. The van is packed and we're early, the snow on the summits makes us wonder how freezing cold it will be on the top of Kronplatz. All camera gear is packed and we're planning on a morning of shooting photos and then riding in the afternoon. Kronplatz in Italy simply offers the best scenery and now that summer is coming to an end, it all seems even more beautiful. 

After we got the first gondola, getting us 1.200 meters of vertical, we get out on a very windy summit with thermometer saying -3 degrees! It's cold as fuck, but who cares, we're on top of a mountain with wicked trails!

The rough alpine terrain on the upper part of Kronplatz is used for big berms and rough straights. Diving into it, we wake up a second time that morning and need a few turns to know which side is up. The trail is just amazing, after what already could have a been a full run, the trail get into the woods and offers open, rough and playful sections. The slightly wet surface make the tires stick to the ground and beg for more. 

You know the feeling of just holding on and hoping for the best? The Herrensteig trail definitely offers plenty of that and keeps changing its character. The rough sections are followed by huge berms and proper G-outs. Not much comes closer to riding a roller coaster! 1.200 meter of vertical is a lot and requires some breaks, but really, we would see it as three laps in one with one long gondola! Even only four uplifts give you more vertical than in most bikeparks on a day of hot lapping!  Kronplatz is closed for now, but we already can't wait for 2018! - Cheers