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It’s been only three years since the start of RAAW and the process of building a small brand has been a hugely humbling experience so far. I’m very lucky to have a group of friends contributing to RAAW and to also have a quality and dependable production partner in Taiwan. But, the daily business is run just by me. That’s something I never really wanted to emphasise as the product should do the talking. No matter if it’s from a small company or a large corporation. But I’ve learnt that it’s good to give some insights and show what RAAW is about. 

I’m a firm believer of sustainable growth, taking one step after the other and not rushing anything. It makes the process of building a company much more manageable with a smaller chance of catastrophic failure. Being patient can be tough, however. Every chapter in the book of RAAW should feel complete and well thought out. One of the most challenging chapters has been the distribution.

I’ve learned to appreciate the contact with customers directly. The numbers RAAW sells makes this manageable and that direct contact with the owners is something I greatly appreciate. Stoke can be shared, small issues can be solved quickly and the direct communication gives me a very good measure of what people like, what they ride and who they are.

Selling to the US and Canada wasn’t an option until now. The reason for this has been mainly the more complex and expensive insurance covering product liability.

But, we’re all set and ready to go now!

If you have any questions about the Madonna, simply send me a message and I’ll be very happy to help. 


A massive thank you to Rob Perry and Peter Walker for the photos!